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Hogwarts House Stereotypes…and Hufflepuff…

20 June 2011 @ 10:47am

Followers, Mind telling me what Hogwarts House you’d be sorted into and Why?

Leave me an Owl Please

14 June 2011 @ 5:52pm

I was Sorted Into:: SLYTHERIN (with a side of Ravenclaw)


[x] You are quite blunt and say things as you see them

[ ] You like to be the centre of attention

[ ] You are incredibly idealistic 

[ ] You are been called ‘bossy’ before

[ ] You like to live in the moment 

[ ] You would do anything for the ones you love 

[ ] You NEVER break promises

[x] You don’t usually back down when pushed 

[ ] You tend to act before you think and have gotten yourself in trouble because of it

[x] You are incredibly honest and detest lying

[ ] You have a great sense of humor that everyone seems to love! 

[x] You are prone to procrastination…

[x] You get morally outraged whenever you see someone/something being mistreated



[ ] You are incredibly patient compared to most people

[x] You like to help others out with no thoughts of reward or praise

[ ] You love spending time with people and tend to seek out others

[x] You have many acquaintances, but only a handful of good friends

[x] You are VERY open-minded

[x] You more passionate about things, people and ideas than the average person

[ ] You are hard working (when it matters to you)

[ ] You are accepting of most everyone despite their differences

[ ] You are the ‘dependable one’ in your group of friends (whether you like it or not!)

[ ] When a close friend is upset, you’re likely to get emotional as well

[ ] Family is incredibly important to you

[ ] You are a Team Player and work well with others

[ ] You genuine - “What you see is what you get”



[x] You are quite analytical

[x] You are logical…yet can still be quite impractical

[x] You are been called a “Know-it-All” before

[x] You are fond of intellectual discussions and debates

[x] You are somewhat of a resigned cynic

[ ] You can be considered shy or quiet by people who don’t know you well

[x] You are interested in understanding how things work

[ ] You hate cheating!

[x] You would say your intelligence level is higher than most even if it doesn’t show

[x] You get incredibly annoyed by people who are complacent in ignorance 

[x] You enjoy reading for the sake of reading

[ ] While your humor might not be mainstream, you are quite witty

[x] You do/did well in school and tend to get/got good grades. 



[x] You can talk your way out of most anything

[x] You are incredibly ambitious and not at all complacent with mediocracy 

[x] You are quite the realist and tend to view things ‘as they are’

[x] You are assertive and don’t let anyone take advantage of you

[x] You are independent and tend to rely mostly on yourself

[x] You are driven and highly motivated by the future 

[x] You are an unadulterated perfectionists

[x] You are not afraid to tell a person, to their face, that they’re wrong

[x] You can be quite proud and don’t seek out help unless absolutely necessary

[x] You enjoy competition - and are always striving to win! 

[ ] You are usually prepared for anything

[x] You are Objective and see everything in shades of grey

[x] You thrive on praise


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All the others are spot-on.

But.. But.. Ginny D:

.. I don’t get Ginny’s. Why is she most likely to have ten kids? o_o;

Because she dared to have TWO boyfriends before hooking up with Harry. The whore! 

Oh fuck that shit >_> I am now reminded why I avoid the fandom 

I saw this twisted logic quite a bit during my time in the fandom, especially from the batshit H/Hr shippers. The double standards, lack of self awareness, and die for our ship mentality were mind blowing. 

I could kiss you people.

I’ve been complaining about how the fandom treats Ginny for, well… Ever.
She dared have two boyfriends. Two. And then she married the third! God, that girl is insatiable!

Anyway, I thought in this one it was more of a “Weasley women make lots of babies” kinda thing.

And you’re right, Serena.

Really, people? Really? 

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So my Hogwarts letter didn’t come. It’s okay. IT’S OKAY. STARFLEET ACADEMY IS HERE.

11 November 2010 @ 7:47pm


 ”Oh, know the perils, read the signs, the warning history shows, for our Hogwarts is in danger from external, deadly foes and we must unite inside her or we’ll crumble from within…” - The Sorting Hat, Order of the Phoenix

This makes me so sad…watching as Hogwarts burns and crumbles, the ash surrounding it like a could. My poor imaginary school…

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