23 July 2011 @ 1:03am

tigertwo1515 replied to your post: You know if I hadn’t just got back from seeing the Captain America movie and didn’t have plans tonight I would accompany you. Just so you know.

All my friends thought it was okay, even though they didn’t have any expectations for the movie. I however did have expectations and if you know a little something about Captain America before hand, you’ll enjoy it more. It was fun to me.

That’s great to know - I’m a huge fan (though Captain America hasn’t been one of my big comic interests, I’ve followed the main releases for him for the past six or so years and have read most old main arcs). 

It’s always great (to me) when the fans are thrown a bone with movies like these. I can thank of so many where they just ignored all the wonderful material and the entire fandom for the sake of making things easy to understand for newcomers and making the movie ‘mainstream’ enough. 

  1. tigertwo1515 said: Most of the DC movies (cough). You will have fun with it, it is a hell of a ride. Don’t forget to wait till the credits are over for a treat ;-)
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